Information Ergonomics 2014

1st Workshop on Information ergonomics – leveraging productivity by aligning human-information ecologies

Contemporary knowledge work environment is creating new kinds of challenges for employees. Experiences of hurry, information overload, fragmentation, loss of control, always-on expectations, attention deficit and burnout are common. One hypothesis for this rise is that hectic rhythms of work, an abundance of information processing needs, the ubiquity of information technology appliances used for work as well as private purposes, and ill-structured working patterns are creating new pressures on human performance. Read more


Building Knowledge 2014

Speed Dating of Linked Building Data Vocabularies

We propose an interactive workshop that aims at the creation of a common registry and mapping of various knowledge models, structured vocabularies, and interoperability standards form the fields of building and construction in architecture and civil engineering. Instead of aiming at a rigid axiomatic high­ level pivot­ or upper­ ontology to which everything is mapped (á la SUO/SUMO), a light­weight approach using vocabularies with ‘softer’ semantics such as SKOS & DC will be pursued. This allows the rapid, ad hoc creation of many relations among concepts without risking to invalidate intricate description logic models while staying faithful to the LOD spirit that cherishes the emergence of synergetic effects by means of machine ­readable interrelations.


i-KNOW 2014 – Call for Workshops

14th International Conference on
Knowledge Technologies and Data-driven Business
September 16-19, 2014, Graz, Austria

There is a textfile you can use for distribution. Read more