PhD Cooperation Event

Are you currently working on a PhD thesis…

…dealing with knowledge management, knowledge technologies, semantic systems or technology enhanced learning? Do you have questions about how to proceed with your particular project? Do you want to receive feedback on your ideas or methodology? Do you want to meet fellow PhD students and talk about your hopes, fears, and the process in general?

Or have you recently finished your PhD thesis and want to share your experiences from this challenging time with others? Do you want to give some feedback to PhD students who present their ideas and questions? Do you have some ideas about future challenges and want to suggest them as upcoming PhD thesis?

In all these cases you should visit the PhD Cooperation Event at this year’s i-KNOW on Wednesday, 17th September 2014! We will start at 13:30 and finish at 15:00 – right before the pre-keynote coffee break. The session is open to all registered participants of i-KNOW / EC-TEL 2014.

After some general introduction and welcome notes, every participant will have the opportunity to present his/her PhD thesis in a 5-minutes-each madness slot. All contributions are welcome, no matter if you only have a rough idea of what you’d like to work on, or if you have almost completed it. Afterwards, the group will discuss about the PhD research process and any questions that come up. This is a rather informal session with no fixed agenda, so we invite you to shape the topics for this session.

Please feel free to add your questions and suggestions for the PhD Cooperation Event in our Knowledge Pad. Alternatively, you may suggest your topics directly at the beginning of the session.
We look forward to meeting you at i-KNOW / EC-TEL!


Sebastian, Rene & Carla
Wissensmanagement Forum Graz